Frequently Asked Questions



What is Sound Design? Can't I just grab a sound from an sfx library?


A Sound designer's job to create sounds that don't necessarily exist in reality. While some situations can be fixed by library surfing, not everything can be found there. When the player goes up against the final boss, isn't it more impressive if he has a unique sound instead of a generic growl?




How can I record an orchestral score?


You definitely can! Many people love the grand sound of an orchestra, and these are 3 of the most common ways composers use to capture that sound.


  1. Live orchestral recording - This is the most expensive and high quality option. The session takes place in a professional recording studio with a live orchestra, conductor, and engineers.

  2. Synthetic orchestration - The cheapest and fastest option. While sample libraries are improving, they can never compete with a live orchestra. 

  3. Hybrid recording - The majority of the music is electronically rendered, with 1-3 live players per section overdubbed in order to give the recording a human touch. This method is increasingly used in TV and mid to low-budget projects as it provides both the warmth of live instruments and the lower cost of a synthetic production.


I am partnered with East Coast Scoring, a New England-based orchestral recording company.




What's your favourite Zelda game?

I like Windwaker the most. Majora's Mask is a veeery close second.

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